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The secretary of the local council, Stanislaw Kaszynski, and his wife tried to bring public attention to what was being perpetrated at the camp.In late January, 1942, they were arrested, and executed three days later.

In each newly conquered town or village, the entire Jewish community, including men, women, and children, was rounded up and marched to a nearby forest. After stripping off their clothing, they were shot into the mass grave.The Jews were forced to relinquish their valuables and to undress. They were then crowded into sealed chambers into which poisonous gas was released, initially using the same carbon monoxide method as had been used in the mobile vans.Execution was postponed for a few of the strongest and healthiest who were first exploited as slaves.Moreover, mass shootings attracted the attention of both the local populations and regular German soldiers, and rumours of the killings filtered back to Germany.As Hitler, wanted to hide his “Final Solution” from the German people and the world at large, an alternate plan for exterminating the large Jewish population of Poland was sought.

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Although the camps built before the end of 1941 were supposedly intended to be labour or transit camps – designed to exploit, rather than exterminate their inmates – conditions in the camps were so brutal and inhumane, that the mortality rate was exceptionally high.

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